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    I live and work in Auckland as a designer and marketer. I do podcast, blogging and vlogging between my work and family hours.


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  • Competencies

    Things I've picked up over years

    UX Design

    Wireframing / Prototyping / User Research / Usability Testing / Persona


    Content Marketing / Analytics / Campaign Execution / Marketing design


    Video producing / Audio Editing

    Design Tools

    Sketch / Photoshop / Illustrator / XD / Final Cut Pro / After Effects / InVision

    UI Design

    Visual / Interaction Design


    Design Thinking / Agile / Strategy Thinking

  • Experiences

    My work experiences in the past few years

    UX/UI Designer
    Les Mills International - New Zealand

    Jun 2019 - Present

    As a UX/UI designer, I majorly work with two product teams at Les Mills Media:

    Releases app - the mobile app for more than 130,000 Les Mills instructors all over the world.
    Virtual app - the virtual studio solution for all Les Mills club partners globally.

    As the markets, customers, and business models of these two products are quite different, I have the privilege to learn and improve my design skills from multiple products fast.

    Freelance UX/UI Designer
    The Creative Store - Auckland

    Jan 2019 - Present

    Since Jan 2019 I re-focused my career back to design as a freelance UX/UI designer for local agencies. Clients including Insight Creative, HealthPost, OMRub, etc.

    Marketing Specialist

    HealthPost Ltd - New Zealand

    Apr 2018 - Jan 2019

    Plan, design and execute campaigns.
    Create compelling video contents to meet business requirements.

    Multimedia, Graphic and Web Designer

    BioBalance / HealthPost - New Zealand

    Aug 2016 - Apr 2018

    Plan, design and develop web, graphics and multimedia content for the digital marketing strategies.
    Contribute as required to the overall development of brand styles and guidelines.

    Executive Director / Co-founder
    LKGOOD Design Ltd - China

    Apr - 2010 - Jul 2016

    I was the Executive Supervisor of LKGood Design and was involved in more than 30 projects of app developing as the UX/UI designer, product manager and team leader.

    University Lecturer
    Yunnan University - China


    I was the lecturer of the courses: Understanding the Interaction Design and Understanding UX design

  • Recommendations

    What my co-workers and clients say

    Abel Butler

    CEO at HealthPost Ltd.

    As the Managing Director of BioBalance and CEO of HealthPost, I've had the pleasure of working with Bear for the last two and a half years. Bear has been flexible, capable and committed in all aspects of his work throughout this time. He has strong skills in many areas, ​including: human-centred design, UI/UX, multimedia design/video production, social media and marketing. Bear is able to apply these skills in both Chinese and 'Western' contexts. I found him to be a good communicator, who was consistently thoughtful and considered in his approach. Bear's been a big asset to our team, an upbeat and enjoyable colleague, and we will miss him a lot.

    Ruth Boyes

    Ex-General Manager at
    BioBalance Ltd

    Bear has a calm, controlled and very organised way of working. He prepares well for meetings and offers a very considered viewpoint when asked. His creativity and ability to take English content and make it relevant for Asian customers has been very valuable for BioBalance across our Wechat and Weibo platforms.

    Phoebe Elsley

    Supplier and Promotions Manager at HealthPost Ltd.

    As Bear's direct line manager for the last 12 months, I have been continually impressed with his ability to pick up new skills and ways of working quickly and his absolute passion for learning and sharing knowledge. We worked together in a fast-paced environment, yet Bear took the time to report on and reflect on campaign performance and always offered clear action steps and recommendations to the business. Bear builds strong relationships with all personalities and would be a great cultural fit in any business where collaboration and innovation are key.

    Victoria Parsons

    Customer Experience Manager at HealthPost Ltd.

    Working with Bear was an absolute pleasure. As part of our team, he was a strong contributor, always offering insights into customers based on whatever project he was currently involved with. Bear is a can do person, always saying yes when it is needed, and keen to extend his sklills into new areas. His understanding of the Chinese market/ consumer is a valuable skill that NZ businesses could leverage.

    Jason Greenwood

    Digital Transformation & eCommerce Specialist

    Bear is a colleague that has become a good friend! Bear is just super talented, easy going and an all around good guy. He is dedicated to his 'craft' and he is a true creative. He tempers this creative ability with empathy for the end user in all respects. He is a delight to work with and a vibrant personality around the office, always ready with a smile and a kind word. He interacts with his teams and customers seamlessly. I have been 'wowed' by the video, editing, design and other work he has done with HealthPost (for both the Chinese and local markets) and would be proud to recommend him for any role he feels qualified for. He is always willing to stretch himself and develop new skills which is a real asset for dynamic and forward thinking businesses. HealthPost and I will truly miss Bear!

    C.J Milburn

    Senior Graphic Designer at HealthPost Ltd.

    Bear's talent shines through with everything he touches. He brings a calming, but creative presence to the office and is a very open-minded individual. He applies careful thought to every task and seeks knowledge to grow and expand his experience. Bear has a very ​up-lifting, positive energy and a generous spirit that effects everyone lucky enough to work with him.

    Simon Young

    Founder of Red Circle Network

    I love Bear's work and I look forward to meeting him in person. In 2015, Bear met one of our clients and interviewed him for his online video series. Recently I finally saw the outcome of that interview: fantastic. Great exposure and storytelling for our client, and a worthy and interesting piece of creativity.

    Zoe Zhou

    Head of Marketing, China at Udacity

    Bear has an astute insight of upcoming product and technology trends, good understanding of the local and international context, is highly energetic, efficient and is a great guy to work with. He has been extremely helpful to our China based startup business. It was a real pleasure to work with Bear on a podcast interview about our baby product when it was newly launched. His advice on the product and business from time to time also has been valuable to us.

    Jacky Wu

    Ex-Chief Operating Officer of Orient Star Media Inc.

    Bear and I are both podcasters, but different style and contents. I love his attitude of making podcasts and he is very detail-oriented at his contents. That is why his podcast can win the Apple Podcast Collections awards at that time. Bear and I are now focusing on YouTube video creating and we had some chances to make YouTube live chatting videos, he definitely can create great multi-media contents.

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